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Tenth Grade Goals and Objectives

Your college plans are still a few years off when you start 10th grade, but you need to keep your long term goals in mind. Work on keeping your grades up, taking challenging courses, and continuing your involvement in extracurricular activities.

Below are several things to think about in 10th grade:

  • Sophomore year marks the beginning of standardized testing which is a preparatory step towards taking the SAT and ACT. Plan to take the PSAT and PLAN. These practice tests can help you figure out which exam best suits your needs and the preparation you need before taking the SAT and ACT in your junior and senior year. These scores will not be part of your permanent record.
  • Study hard! Your academic record provides the college admission officials with the best evidence of your ability to succeed in college. If you are having difficulty, don’t give up. Get help from a teacher, tutor or mentor.
  • Stay involved in school and community based extracurricular activities that interest you. It is best to demonstrate depth and leadership in an extracurricular activity. Remember, it is quality not quantity that counts.
  • Update your portfolio. A portfolio might include awards, artwork, newspaper clippings etc.
  • Keep reading! The more you read, the stronger your verbal, writing and critical thinking abilities will be.
  • Plan to use your summer wisely. The options are many: volunteer, work, take an enrichment course. If you have a career goal in mind try to arrange to shadow someone who works in that field.
  • Get to know your college guidance counselor and let them get to know you. If you need any information or have questions, concerns or just want to say hello, please stop by the College Guidance office. 
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