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Eleventh Grade Goals and Objectives

In 11th grade, the college preparation process accelerates and you need to start paying careful attention to looming deadlines and application requirements. Realize that in 11th grade you will not know exactly where you are applying, but you do need to have a plan mapped out for achieving your broad educational goals.

  • Take advantage of AP course offerings. Your success in challenging academic courses is a clear indicator that you have the skills to succeed in college. A score of 4 or 5 on an AP exam can earn you course credit and give you more options in college.
  • Many of the more competitive colleges require several SAT Subject Tests. Take these soon after your course work so that the material is fresh in your mind.
  • Take the PSAT in October. Colleges will not see your PSAT scores, but a good score will qualify you for scholarships and programs associated with the National Merit Program. In addition, the PSAT will give you a good sense of you preparedness for the SAT leaving ample time to improve your test taking skills if necessary.
  • Prep for the SAT and ACT. Attend an SAT or ACT course. If this is not possible, purchase practice materials.
  • Take the ACT and or SAT during the spring semester. This way you will have at least one score going into your senior year. Be mindful of registration deadlines.
  • Meet with your college counselor to identify and explore college and scholarship options.
  • Research possible colleges by visiting their websites.
  • Get to know the admission criteria for your top schools. Know where you stand in relation to those requirements.
  • Build on your extracurricular activities. If possible, assume a leadership role in an activity, club or sport. Update your portfolio. Keep track of academic and extracurricular awards. Remember it is quality not quantity that counts.
    • If you had marginal grades in 9th and 10th grade focus on your academics. Improvement in 11th grade shows a college that you have learned how to be a good student.
    • Meet with your college guidance counselor to plan your senior schedule.
    • Prepare for the possibility of applying either Early Decision or Early Action to college.
    • Attend a College Night program.
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