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Mrs. Zehava Greenwald



Junior High Coordinator

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Other information

Other information:

As the Junior High Coordinator, it is clear that Mrs. ZEHAVA GREENWALD values the abilities of her students and communicates a true belief in them at all times.  Due to the mutual respect between Mrs. Greenwald and her students, she is able to stretch them in directions that would have been thought to be out of reach. Furthermore, her strength in organization enables many aspects of school to run very smoothly. Mrs. Greenwald holds degrees in both Torah Umesorah and Excelsior College and has over twelve years of experience teaching Limudei Kodesh.  She has given workshops to various groups of educators regarding valuable techniques in the classroom as well as how to utilize SMART Board technology effectively. Mrs. Greenwald’s exceptionally positive nature, devotion to her students and teachers, and accessibility to the parents, have made us feel grateful that she is part of the Junior High.

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