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Rabbi Elazar M Teitz




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Other information:

Rav ELAZAR MAYER TEITZ received Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin smicha from Rav Isaac Halevi Herzog, the Chief Rabbi of Israel. He earned a Masters degree in Education from Loyola University in Baltimore, and an MS and PhD in mathematics from the Belfer Graduate School of Science at Yeshiva University. Rav Teitz has been an integral part of the rabbinate of Elizabeth and the administration of the Jewish Educational Center schools, with the Yeshiva of Elizabeth and Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy since 1958, and with Bruriah High School since it was founded in 1963. His professional record includes serving as a mathematics instructor and lecturer at Rutgers University from 1964 to 1985. He also produced a weekly radio program broadcasting the Daf Hashavuah in English. He has written and published divrei Torah and has been in the forefront of the advocacy movement for agunot.  

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