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Mrs. Shlomis Peikes



Associate Principal

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Other information

Other information:

Mrs. SHLOMIS PEIKES is the Associate Principal for General Studies and the coordinator for the 11th and 12th grades. Her pre-med background and extensive computer training have helped her design, oversee, and continuously update our cutting-edge science program. She has conducted many study skills workshops in the tri-state area and has served as a teacher trainer for “Hands on Science” for the New York City Board of Education, offering workshops to teachers on the integration of science across other disciplines. Bruriah Town Hall, the Shakespeare Festival, and Language Arts Fair are among the many innovative and exciting programs Mrs. Peikes has brought to Bruriah. Mrs. Peikes has been a teacher and administrator for more than 30 years. Her hallmark is her care and concern for each student and the hours of time she devotes to their well-being. Mrs. Peikes believes that personal growth, as well as academic growth, are integral parts of the Bruriah student experience.

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