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Mrs. Rhonda Weinraub



Director of Educational Services

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Other information

Other information:

RHONDA WEINRAUB is the Director of Educational Services at Bruriah. Mrs. Weinraub brings with her more than 30 years of experience teaching Limudei Kodesh, world history, and Jewish history at Yeshiva Beit Hillel in Passaic, as well as in recent years, administering programs for students with special academic needs. She has a BA from Stern College, a Masters in Special Education from LIU, and post Masters certification as a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant from Montclair State University. At Bruriah Mrs. Weinraub teaches several history classes and a senior elective in special education. Her primary responsibility, however, is helping her students access services which meet special academic needs and unlock educational opportunities for all of Bruriah’s students. She works with students and faculty to make the educational experience at Bruriah align with each individual student’s unique needs.

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